Not just collecting employee feedback but acting on it - Real Time

Culturegrade just doesn’t provide deep insights but help build a better employee - manager relationship with powerful tools and personalised microlearning

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Build a Company Culture You are Proud of

Real Time Engagement

Capture Engagement Realtime and solve it before it becomes big

Personalized Plan

One-shoe doesn’t fit all. Personalized questioning and personalized actions

Bring Full-picture

Employee is not the only voice. Hear from the Manager, API data from other software to get the full-picture.

Close the Loop

Push till the last mile and close the loop by actually improving engagement.

Why you will love Culturegrade

Personalised Feedback

We never send the same question to everyone.
Imagine asking a generic engagement question to someone who joined just a week ago.

Getting a full picture using Machine learning

Someone says she is not feeling recognised. Is that it? What does she mean by it?
What can we do to improve? Is it about the manager or about the process?
Intelligent questions based on previous answers.

Cluster based Insights

Create your own clusters heatmap to know
how different departments, demographics, location or a combination is doing.

Manager Dashboard

Help your managers become better leaders by sharing the feedback
without any human bias or discomfort.
Share the actionable insights with no efforts from HR.

Anonymous Messaging

Speak with your employees and get more details about their
feedback and address it with full anonymity..

Feedback based Micro-learning

Move over the ineffective traditional Learning.
Use the feedback to provide personalised bite size learning that actually drives the change.

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