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Signs Your Employee is Unhappy with His Job

There is a popular phrase “do what you love, or love what you do,”. Each individual tries to adhere to it by finding meaning in what he or she does. Even though a lot of emphases is on the perception, there are various things that influence an employee to like or dislike her job.

While in most of the situations it is easy to understand if a staff is unhappy with her job or not. Sometimes some staff hide under the radar. If your employee is unhappy with Job then this could harm the company’s productivity level and team morale. Hence need for a replacement of a new employee could arise.

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Building A Great Company Culture With Nova

Hi there! If you are reading this blog, it means your company cares about your happiness and and has taken a positive step towards creating a great company culture by introducing Nova. I know some of you must be skeptical of it and you have all the reasons to be. However, with unwavering confidence I can say that it’s really good news for you.

Let’s get to know Nova to give an honest attempt to this effort towards improving your company culture.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Abhinav and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Culturegrade. I finished my engineering in 2003 from IIT Delhi and in the past 16 years, I’ve worked with 6 different companies and have also launched my own startups. These ranged from 200 people start-ups to being part of a 100,000 employees multinational giant. Read more “Building A Great Company Culture With Nova”

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Annual Surveys v/s Pulsing Surveys – Which one is right for me?

In this blog, we bring for you a detailed study about Annual Surveys and Pulsing Surveys. This will help you to choose the best survey methodology for your business.

FedEx Corporation tracks its employee satisfaction and outlook using annual survey. According to FedEX efficiency of company and employee is directly related to satisfaction. Thus after conducting the survey the management analyses the results achieve the objectives of the organization and at the same time meet the expectations of employees. The policies are framed accordingly to bring out the best of their employees.


On the other hand Marks and Spencer runs three pulse survey in each quarter. It has enabled managers to hit engagement as Key performance indicator. 


Philips wanted to ensure continuous communication between managers and their team to enable immediate action. To achieve this they introduced pulse survey which helped ongoing developments.

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