We help managers become leaders

How do we do this?

The M-A-C-T framework

While every improvement journey goes from learning to execution, we follow a comprehensive approach that also brings focus on the inter- nal and external attributes that affect the success of a manager in his or her journey to becoming a leader.

The MACT framework

– We hold the mirror of insights to the manager to learn from 360 degree feedback
– Provide assistance to execute better using apt and timely nudges
– Personalised coaching to help analyse performance 
– Work on a growth roadmap and bite-sized training for continuous personal development. 

Culturegrade delivers this solution with Nova, our personalised AI Coach. She provides guidance and support and a set of smart tools to help todays manager become tomorrows leaders.



Collect engagement feedback from employees and share the insights of leadership style and the pulse of the team. Consolidate a 360 degree view with feedback from peers and the manager’s manager.


Keep a continuous tab on how the manager and team is doing and note it for future tracking & refer- ence. Send a recognition/ birthday email based on insights. Set agenda for meetings and help sched- ule them as well as take notes. Use nudges and be- havioral Science to drive action on ground.


Make sense of feedback by providing insight, and creating and working through an action plan. Per- sonalise the topics to work on based on the person- ality type and team composition and clarify any doubts that arise. Provide the complete picture by benchmarking across the entire company as well as across industry.


Byte Size Leadership Learning and Quizzes help stay on the course and see actual progress along the journey from manager to leader. Topics range from Manager Support, Career Growth, Role Clarity, Recognition and Culture and are provided by the best leaders in the industry in formats proven to in- crease understanding and application.


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